Sharing stone grill set
Sharing stone grill set
Sharing stone grill set
Sharing stone grill set
Sharing stone grill set
Sharing stone grill set
Sharing stone grill set
Sharing stone grill set
Sharing stone grill set


Sharing stone grill set

You can now enjoy the famous Black Rock Grill dining experience at home with your very own Steak on the Stone sharing Stone Set.

Grab some friends and invite them over for steak night with the Black Rock Grill sharing stone grill set. Your friends will love cooking their own steak on the stone - and the best part is that everyone gets to cook their food the way they like it, meaning that the host is never going to be blamed for over or undercooking the food! 

How many people can eat on the sharing stone?

The Black Rock Grill sharing stone set allows 4 to 6 diners to eat at once.

What can be cooked on the Black Rock Grill?

The stone is big enough for a selection of cuts. So, do you go for just meat or do you go for fish as a healthy treat or the most luxurious 'Surf and Turf'?

With plenty of room on the stone, the Black Rock Grill Stone is kept sizzling hot during dining with twin gel burners. The burners allow you and your guests plenty of time to cook and eat the meal just the way they like it.

How to use the sharing stone set

The Black Rock Grill sharing set is easy to use: 
  • Place the stone in the oven at 270c for 50minutes or on the hob and heat for 20-30 mins.
  • When the stone is hot enough, place it on the stainless steel rack.
  • Sprinkle with sea salt flakes to test - if the flakes jump around the stone is hot enough.
The metal burners that sit underneath the stone will keep the stone hotter for longer. They run off 'fondue gel'  which can be purchased separately from our website. Click here to buy the gels. 
  • x1 lava Stone (38cm long x 19 cm wide x 2cm thick)
  • x1 stainless steel underplate
  • x1 bamboo frame (48cm x 20cm x 13cm)
  • x2 stainless steel burners
  • Full instructions are provided with the set.

What is lava stone? 

Our lava stones are all natural and were formed millions of years ago in volcanic eruptions. The stones are hand cut the cooking surface is honed smooth, all the edges are bevelled.

It is normal for lava stone to have holes caused by air pockets in the molten lava and you may find small chips on the bottom where the lava is hand cut. This is quite normal and will not affect the cooking performance of the stone.

As you use the stone, you can expect to see small hairline stress cracks across the surface, this is normal wear and tear and will not affect the performance of your stone. You will not find two stones that look the same. If you have any concerns about your stone please email 


Allow the stone to completely cool before washing. Wash under warm running water with a soapy scourer do not immerse the stone in water or leave it soaking in water as this will invalidate any warranty.

All components have been selected for both their ease of use and durability. The stainless steel and woodware is just wiped clean, the stone can be cleaned easily by hand.
Total Weight 8kg
VAT Included in price.

We also recommend...

Fondue gels for the burners Til Brenpaste is the gel we recommend for the burners. The paste is environmentally friendly and will burn for around 30 minutes. 
Fondue gels
Heat resistant gloves - take extra care when handling the hot stone with our heat resistant Kevlar gloves. 
Heat resistant gloves
Burners replace old burners with new ones 
Fondue burner - stainless steel

Take steak night to the next level with the Black Rock Grill sharing stone set. If you have any questions email us at 

Caring for your Sharing Stone Grill Set


Bamboo board, like all wood it should not be submerged in water and simply wiped over with a warm damp cloth.         Always remove the plastic wrap from all component parts especially the stainless steel rack

After use your Lava Stone should be handled with care, as it will remain hot for over an hour. Always use high-grade oven gloves* & tongs when handling the hot lava stone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews Write a review