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Grab A Gift Set For Your Family and Friends This Christmas

Top Selling Gift Set - HO-44 Sharing Stone Steak. With 4 Jumbo Steak Knives, 3 Burner Gels, Steak Rub + BBQ Rub + Cajun Rub too.

 With food, presentation is paramount. Getting a meal in a bag from the local fast food joint is a lot different than sitting down to a well-set table in a home with candlelight and soft music playing in the background, right?

If you know someone who enjoys a good steak now and then, Black Rock Grill has put together the perfect Christmas present to give to the steak lover in you

Black Rock Grill now offers gift sets featuring “steak on the stone” products. Take, for instance, the Lava Stone Steak Gift Set. It comes with a lava rock that can be heated; instead of presenting steak on a plate, you can now present it on a hot stone! With 3 rubs to marinate your meat (or fish), this particular gift set will delight anyone who enjoys a little sizzle and some flavor in their life.

Gift Set - HO-09 The Lava Stone Steak our most popular individual sizzling hot stone set

As the only supplier of “steak on the stone” gift sets, Black Rock Grill ships worldwide and if you order now, it’ll arrive in time for Christmas.



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